Children’s Book Trailers

Commission an animated trailer for your upcoming picturebook from a children’s book specialist. Rascal Media’s Cynthia Nugent is an animator, award-winning author-illustrator and app developer with an MA in children’s literature. Scroll down to see examples of Rascal trailers. Drop us a line for rates or to just chat about your project.

Gorgeous new picturebook about Frida Kahlo written by Monica Brown and illustrated by John Parra, published by North South Books.  An exciting project!

The Case of the Poached Egg by Robin Newman and Deborah Zemke is even funnier than the first book in this series about the two mice who comprise the MFI (Missing Food Investigators). A total joy to animate, especially the self-important Colonel Peck. I read the book three times and laughed every time. Published by Creston Books.

I loved working with the beautiful pictures by Maral Sassouni in The Green Umbrella, written by Jackie Azúa Kramer (NorthSouth Books, 2017). My favourite scene to animate was the bear on his flying machine with its moving mechanical parts.

A new trailer for Tradewind Books’ new picturebook, The Riddlemaster.  I’m a huge fan of illustrator Stéphane Jorisch and was honoured to work with his beautiful watercolour images.

I am absolutely delighted with my trailer for Penguins love Colors, and so is my publisher, Scholastic.  They will be using it on all of their major marketing platforms, as well as in reception at their head offices.  I couldn’t be happier!  ~  Sarah Aspinall

Sarah’s charming picturebook “Penguins Love Colors” was a joy to work with. The book is published in 2016 by The Blue Sky Press/Scholastic.

Hildie_trailer_ALA from Cynthia Nugent on Vimeo.

This is Rascal’s second trailer for the very talented and funny children’s book author, Robin Newman. Hildie Bitterpickles Needs Her Sleep was illustrated by Chris Ewald and published by Creston Books

Kari Rust‘s fabulous animation captured the energy and humour of the book, and is full of sparkly and clever details for children to find.

A Boy Asked the Wind from Cynthia Nugent on Vimeo.

A Boy Asked the Wind is an animated trailer for the picturebook by Barbara Nickel and Gillian Newland, Red Deer Press 2015.
The wonderful animation, with its challenging atmospheric effects, was done by the brilliant Kari Rust  in Photoshop CC. Narration by Ashleigh Somerville. Art direction, sound and video editing by Cynthia Nugent in Premiere Pro CC and Audition CC.

I’m so pleased with the wonderful trailer by Cynthia Nugent’s company, Rascal Media, for my new book, A Boy Asked the Wind. Cynthia and her team did such a terrific job — I highly recommend Rascal!
Barbara Nickel, children’s author

A book trailer for The Case of the Missing Carrot Cake, Creston Books, April 2015, written by Robin Newman, illustrated by Deborah Zemke.
Music by Lukasz Stasinski of LSM Studios, Animated with Anime Studio Pro and Photoshop.

The book trailer for The Case of the Missing Carrot Cake is DY-NO-MITE! Cynthia Nugent at Rascal Media did an amazing job.
Mr. Schu, Children’s librarian and author of Watch.Connect.Read: Exploring Chidlren’s Literature through book trailers

Book trailer for A Simple Case of Angels, a wonderful middle-grade novel by Caroline Adderson. Named Video of the Week by Open Book Toronto

An animated book trailer for Lori Joy Smith featuring her picturebook Noisy Poems for a Busy Day by Robert Heidbreder (Kids Can Press, 2011).

 Nutz by Virginia Schwartz, illustrated by Christina Leist (Tradewind Books, 2011). Tradewind Books provided the tiffs of the black and white illustrations, which I coloured and animated. The classroom response to this video has been great. Kids scream with laughter and shout “Again!” as soon as it’s over.