About the App



  • rich, layered story about self-image and acceptance told through integral sounds, animations and interactions which will stimulate discussion and repay repeat visits
  • narration by the great comic actor, author, and director Terry Jones
  • child-controlled animation, sounds, and narration are interrelated with the words and pictures, creating a multimodal reading experience
  • judicious use of hinting makes room for close examination, puzzling, and reflection which is a natural part of how children read illustrated stories
  • tap, swipe, pinch, and drag gestures
  • Barber interactions include: practice hair-cutting on a cat, hair styling and accessorizing a pig, funny hairstyles for the king and the parrot
  • help Igor let go of a secret with exploding letters which can be dragged to spell words
  • make a magic reed flute, and play and record tunes with it.
  • egg-breaking game
  • drag the bird to hop and fly through the story
  • Embody and change the emotional states of characters through interactions

Download a walkthrough of the app